About PowerGPA

PowerGPA was created to allow students to easily access their GPA's without having to calculate it themselves.

The creators noticed the inconvenience of the process of students having to calculate GPA themselves or wait until it is released by PowerSchool in between semesters.

Upcoming Features:
  • Allow students to change grades and see how the change is reflected in their GPA.
  • Add authentication with "stay signed in" option. (Don't have to enter cridentials every time you want to check GPA)
  • Use grades from Grade History to get average GPA over multiple years.
About the Founders
Jon Moss
Holds Guinness World record for greatest obsession with MacBooks and Rubies.
Find him on:
- github.com/maclover7
- twitter.com/maclover7
- jonathanmoss.me
Nikolay Pomytkin
You probably have more game than him.
Find him on:

- instagram.com/nikolayp16
- github.com/Nikolay-Pomytkin
- nikolay.pomytkin.com

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